Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Unexpected Buzz-Kill

Yesterday was supposed to be a great day, and mostly, it was. I spent all afternoon looking forward to an evening with the Pinkerton's. On the ride to their house, I received an unexpected phone call. An unpleasant call; the kind you just can't shake. It was a call from my boss. It was about work, and well... you can read my previous post if you wanna know more about that 'lil situation.

So yeah, the evening was good, but it wasn't what I hoped. The call just put a damper on it.

And tonight? Well, today was wonderful. Flower fields. Great evening in class. Wonderful meal out. BAM! Lost my wallet. I have a couple ideas of where it could be, and neither option is good. I seriously had such a great day, and I was so sleepy I just couldn't wait to crawl into bed and get the sleep I've been lacking lately. But the stress of losing my wallet, calling every place I may have lost it, tearing through our cars, flipping the house upside down.... has me wired.

Two days of unexpected buzz-kills. Boo!

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