Friday, March 9, 2012

a few things

- I'm writing a song called Dancing Dinosaurs. Not sure if I'll ever finish it. It's not as chipper as one might think, but there's some creative elements to it that make it enjoyable writing.

- I have amazing, God-loving friends. They love me with God's love. That's the best kind of friend there is. And the best kind of love.

- I'm toying around with the idea of moving to a nightwatch position at work. Although it will decrease my direct care hours with the youth I serve, it's ideal for a working student taking a full load. IDK... we'll see.

- I've been practicing bass guitar. It's kinda hard to judge how I'm doing, since I don't have an amp. lol! But it's fun and relaxing, and maybe one day I'll muster up enough skill to join the worship team for a set or two.

- I came to work fully prepared today. After a great three days off, I felt refreshed and ready to give my all! There aren't too many 'good' days (in the traditional sense of the word) in my field, so the attitude you have makes or breaks the day. Today, my attitude was positive :-)

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