Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sleeping sound. Spirit bound. Slimming down.

This week, as my overnight shifts have ended, I've been driving over to a nearby nature preserve to hike.

It's a great way to wrap up my 'day' before heading home and hitting the hay, and it's been really helpful.

You see, it's been hot outside lately, super hot, which makes it difficult to sleep throughout the day.

It gets nice and cool most nights here in SoCal, but that does me no good when I'm trying to doze off around 1:00pm.

The bright early afternoon sunlight doesn't help much either.

So, after hiking for a couple hours directly following a twelve hour overnight shift, I have been successfully exhausting myself beyond the point of caring about the temperature and brightness of my bedroom.

I've been stopping about midpoint in the hikes to do some devotions, bible reading, and prayer. Plus, it can't hurt my weight-loss efforts, either!

Sleeping sound. Spirit bound. Slimming down. Love it!

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Josh said...

I've been wanting to slim down myself.