Thursday, September 27, 2012

Prompt: Special Request

We all do it. Well... a lot of us do it. You scan the menu until you find it, and there it is; the perfect dish. Perfect except... Maybe you'd rather hold off on the ketchup. Maybe you wanna supplement beef for chicken, for an upcharge, of course. Maybe you'd... whatev. You get it. So what's your special request?

Chips. Those damn chips.
Crunchy, salty goodness.

Kimberly and I love Mexican food. Nine out of ten times, if we're eating out, it's Mexican. But those chips...

They don't even let you get seated before they throw a basket of chips on the table with a side of salsa. And sometimes... oh, those glorious moments, sometimes the chips are fresh out of the frier, all hot and greasy.


But, as delightful as they are, at 600 calories in a 4oz serving, they're not exactly helpful on the battlefield against the bulge. So, as painful as it is for me to say... take these chips away from me.

Take them now. Quickly.
No, really. Now. Fast.

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