Wednesday, September 12, 2012

randomocity 091212

- The Dinosaurs TV show from the early 90's is now on Netflix? Um... Awesome! Yep, watching it one episode after another. Good times!

- Break between semesters is over. Time to get my butt back into gear! I'm taking four classes this semester: Maladaptive Psychopathology, Trauma Throughout the Life Cycle, Social and Cultural Diversity, and The Law and Ethics of Psychology. The Ethics class doesn't start for a few weeks, but I began the first three classes just last week. So far? Very interesting... but it's going to be a challenging semester! Good thing I moved to night shift!

- Speaking of night shifts, I'm pleased with them and I'm glad I made the switch. It's been going well. Granted, I've been exhausted, but it's been going well...

- The man who strangled our dear friend to death only six years ago has been released from prison as of yesterday. I knew this would come eventually, but I didn't expect it to happen so soon. It affected me more than what I had anticipated. I can't quite name the emotion...

- And speaking of emotions, overall, I've felt pretty stable lately. Of course, there's always the usual anxiety over relationships, the validity of them and my value to others, my purpose and  contribution to those I share life with, etc., but it's controllable. I've adopted an odd coping mechanism recently. I've been sending myself text messages of what I'd like to say or what I'd like to ask the particular people I'm having anxiety about. It seems to help a lot. And sleep? It's hit or miss, but it's more of an issue with schedule and busyness than actual insomnia.

- Lots of hiking, swimming in the ocean, etc. Feels great! I've also been doing a lot of songwriting lately. Quite fulfilling! Using every single last second of my time.

- I'm reading a great book right now about seeking out God's glory amidst the hubbub of everyday life. It's really been helping me to redirect my focus on Him in even the most seemingly trivial situations.

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