Friday, September 28, 2012

Feedjit's Return

Four months and six days ago I deleted the Feedjit widget from my blog. In case you're not familiar with what I'm referring to, it's this nifty little thing near the bottom of my sidebar that accounts for every visitor I get on this site.

Yep, you. 

I learn what city and country you're from, what internet browser you're using such as Safari or Firefox, and it even tells me how you stumbled across my blog such as a direct link, Google search, a referring website such as Facebook, etc.

Basically, it offers me somewhat of a limited demographic of my audience. It's not always dead-on, but it's usually pretty accurate.

So why did I delete it? Well, remember that word 'audience' I used two sentences back?
I don't like it.

Don't get me wrong here.
Read me. Please read me.

But accruing readers was not my original interest when beginning this blog. I wanted to create a space of catharsis. A place for authenticity. A way to express creativity. To vent. To rejoice. To praise.

A place to accurately and honestly document the journey of a Christian, stripped of the stereotypes of continual cheer and optimism. A snippet of my song. With hopes to encourage other believers who just can't seem to wear a smile 24/7. With hopes to bring honor and glory to God.

But tracking the numbers of visits became a little too much distraction from this mission and clouded my mind while writing.

"That was an awesome post! MORE people should read it C'mon folks!" or "Ugh! I can't believe I actually wrote that in a public forum. TMI. And ALL those people read it :-/"

So I took some space to realign myself. And just out of pure curiosity, I'm giving it another shot. Welcome back, Feedjit!

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