Thursday, August 9, 2012


I am officially standing somewhere between these two fighters here; the sun and the moon.

Starting tomorrow night at 11pm, I will begin my new third-shift position. 

That's right; I'm an overnight worker now.

I requested to step down from my position as a facility manager so I could focus more of my energy towards school. With some persistent pleading, I was given my requested demotion without taking a demotion in hourly pay.

It is an answered prayer. My new position will be a few hours less a week, which will mean less money overall, but its a necessary change. I'll get through my classes faster this way, and I'll be able to continue working full-time in this position when I start my practicum some day.

It will take some adjusting as far as sleep schedules, etc., but this is a good thing. For a large portion of my shifts, the kids will be sleeping and my responsibilities will be limited and easily knocked out within a couple hours. After that, it'll be homework and study time until the kids start waking up for school.

And as far as the money goes? God will take care of us. He'll see us through. And one day soon, within the next couple years, I will be a licensed therapist :-)

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