Wednesday, August 1, 2012

quack kindly

"Why is that when we (Christians) voice our opinion, it is (called) 'hate'?"

I saw this question being asked on FaceBook today. It caught my attention because, well... the person who posted it often voices their opinion in hateful ways.

I've built relationships with a wide variety of people and I've learned something; nearly everyone is capable of hearing, acknowledging, and at least tolerating opposing views and belief systems when they're presented to them with respect and sensitivity.

FaceBook nasty-grams? Probably not the most effective way to send a message...

This particular FB post I'm referencing was directed towards a couple issues; same-sex relationships and politics. I couldn't help myself but wonder how many gay friends this person has. How many friends with strong opposing politic affiliations?

Did Jesus blast out nasty-grams via the hottest social networks of the time? No! What would that have even been back then? A messenger riding off on a camel with a big 'ol scroll under his arm? Anyway... No! Jesus was not the nasty-gram kinda guy. He was more of the "let's do lunch," type of fellow.

What's my point? Well, first of all, you can't deliver from a distance. You have to be a part of lives to change lives. Second of all, you have to consider your audience and be intentional in your approach. I'm not talking about messing up the message, I'm talking about modifying the messenger. Are you noticing those around you recoil when you voice your opinions? Are words like 'hate' used to describe your tap-dance on the soapbox? Chances are, one of two things are happening:

You're either (1) failing to communicate concisely, comprehensively, considerately, or compassionately... OR (2) The person you're speaking with is feeling convicted of sin in his or her life and wishes to avoid that discomforting truth by deflecting it back onto you, the messenger, as being hateful.

All we can do is BE INTENTIONAL and PRAY. Unpleasant status updates about Obozo lovers and the (insert preferred offensive slang for the LGBT community HERE), are well... just hateful. And although it's not always the case, just remember the old saying, "If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck..." Same applies to hate. Quack kindly. Mean ducks suck.

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Josh said...

You make a very good point. I like that one part, "Quack kindly. Mean ducks suck."