Thursday, August 23, 2012

at least the cover will be good

I am going to write a book one day. I suddenly became certain of it Saturday night while driving to work. Nothing in particular triggered the thought, it just came to me. I've played around with the idea before, but now I'm almost positive that, one day, before I die, I will have a published book sitting on the shelves of one or two people who saw the well-designed cover (which I WILL design myself; therefore it WILL look fabulous) and they hoped that the contents would be at least half as good (no confident boasts there, as of yet). As far as what its about? We'll have to see... but I'm thinking its going to involve a lot of different little stories about hope, faith, and grace. A documentary of sorts. A collection, tied together with some witty narrative. And a great cover. Don't forget the cover...

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