Friday, August 3, 2012


Do you feel older or younger than your chronological age?


I'm pretty sure this is not supposed to be a trick question. After all, it's a "one-minute writer" prompt.

But it's a toughy.

I am twenty-nine.
It's a weird age.
For me, at least.

I've accrued some useful and unique life experiences. I've been around enough to make a plethora of mistakes to learn from. In many ways, I am seasoned.

On the other hand... I feel ill-equipped to tackle the more practical issues in life.

Crisis? I can deal with. Everyday life? More challenging...

So I'm riding the fence on this one, and taking an easy-out:
IDK. Both. Young/old/all-that's-in-between.

How about you?

*BTW, fusing my original pic with an aged pic (generated by the Droid's age-booth app) was fun. I love little creative projects that take ten minutes or less! Good times!)

1 comment:

Josh said...

I think I'm about like you on that question. As far as the aged picture, I don't have a phone with Droid on it, but I wonder if there's a Web site that will do the same thing.