Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I thought it might be good for me.
A release. An escape. A new song.

I hoped the serenity and beauty of the mountain's peak would somehow inspire me.

I was wrong.

Eventually, I did begin to kick around some creative thoughts, but they were more destructive than anything...

The 'ol brain just couldn't muster up any mojo today. My fingers were their typical, clumsy selves. And my voice... well, its the same one I've always had...

I assumed all I had left with was an emptier gas tank and a set of brakes a little more worse for wear, but I'm starting to realize otherwise. I thought a lot about dependence up there. Dependence on God and the power of surrender.

But they were not just thoughts.

It was a moment. An experience.
I felt my heart call out.
And I can still hear the echoes.

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