Sunday, June 16, 2013

Next Sunday

I didn't call him today, mostly because I suck. Granted, I did work an overnight shift last night, so I spent a majority of Father's Day sleeping and then prepping things for church service...

But with that said, I should've made the time. He's a pretty awesome guy, and he deserves all the time in the world.

He's flying in next week for a visit, and I'm pumped. I've spent the past two days wrapping up plans for a two-night camping trip we're going to take while he's here. He doesn't know it yet, but we have a campsite reserved for us on Palomar Mountain next week.

Kimberly and I don't have our own camping equipment, so I've been busy making lists and contacting people to beg and borrow everything we're going to need for the trip. Almost all ducks are in a row, and I can't wait!

So, with his upcoming visit in mind, I'd like to think today is just like any 'ol Sunday... Next Sunday, on the other hand, will be a day to celebrate!

In the meantime, Happy Father's Day!

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