Saturday, May 4, 2013

snapshot: 050413 0730 PST

Little things, like free Starbucks, make a big difference in a person's life; especially a person working an overnight shift...

The boys should've been waking up right about the time I got back from my little coffee run, but, lo and behold...

Saturday mornings in a special home for maladaptive adolescents are not typically pleasant. Something about the nostalgia of what weekends once were or what they 'should' be; family and friends, video games and movies, pizza and staying up late.

Essentially, everything a Saturday is not when living in a group home.

Its a reality check for them every single weekend, as though Saturdays are somehow unexpected. But today was a little different. It wasn't without a few fires to put out, but I was able  to sip my delicious, hot and caffeinated beverage in peace, enjoying my scone nibble by nibble instead of wolfing it down between crisis'.

It was... dare I say it?
Almost normal.

*blessed and grateful!

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