Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Five May 1st's

Today I flew kites at the Carlsbad State Beach with the Canady kiddos.

A year ago from today I snapped some shots of Mr. Pinkerton for the Branches website. Later that evening, Kimberly and I babysat those Canady kiddos while their parents went out on a date. Kimberly melted my heart when she sang lullabies and said prayers with the children as she tucked them into bed.

Two years from today I received an official warning from Warner Bros Studio for pirating the movie Sucker Punch. In reality, my only crime was being too gullible. I gave a neighbor the password to our wifi, and... well, that was a mistake I'll never make again.

Three years ago from today we were still living in IN. Kimberly cut my long hair off in preparation for job searching in CA. We were at the Canady's old farmhouse, I believe after youth group.

Four years ago from today I was celebrating my last month managing a residential program for sexually maladaptive adolescents. James was away, so I covered for him and led youth group. Ironically, one of our youth group kids ended up getting himself into trouble and my worlds collided when I visited him on the campus I worked at, where he was court-ordered to attend a day treatment program.

Five years ago from today I perusing the internet for some artistic inspiration. I wanted to combine water color and charcoal, but couldn't quite come up with an image to create. I never did find the image I wanted, but I did eventually come up with a pretty cool painting.

Five May 1st's.

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