Tuesday, May 22, 2012

twisted words

Think of a time someone 'interpreted' something you've said and unknowingly, or quite intentionally, invited the wolves in to feast on you.

Everyone has been there.

You know what you mean when you say it. And someone decides they want you to mean something else.

It's infuriating. Right?

God's word. It's not to be interpreted. It's just not. Yes, we need to seek meaning from His Living Word, but His meaning. Not our own.

The bible should be used to illuminate God and bring us closer to him.
To glorify Him and share Him with those who do not know Him yet.

God's words are a gift. A guide to our Savior.
Not propaganda for our personal agendas.

And after all, no one likes for their own words to get twisted in someone else's mouth.

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