Monday, November 19, 2012


"Brothers, the Ministry is Supernatural," by John Piper.

I love this quote, and this post. When we try to breakdown God into logic and fact, we diminish the power of His majesty, which is far beyond anything we can conceive.

Walking in faith is just that: walking. In faith. Not always knowing what to expect, but taking the next step anyway. It's a journey. Unexpected and unexplainable things happen on any journey worth taking.

Those chills you feel down your neck on Sunday service? They're not just from the ceiling fans cranked up a little too high by the chubby media guy who'd probably not be so hot all the time if he'd drop a few pounds.

That gut feeling you get when someone is hurting or in need? That's not just a combo of a bad burrito and logical deduction. Let's face it, you're not that smart.

That's the Spirit whispering in your ear.

Open your mind to God. And your heart. The heart excepts things the mind cannot.

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