Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pitch Perfect

Yes, I did it. I watched Pitch Perfect.
And yes, I'll admit it. I liked it. I liked it a lot.

Very funny. Quarky. Some good vocals.

Did you know Anna Kendrick could sing?  I didn't! But dang she sure 'nuff do!

When I was first accepted into Ball State University allllllll those years ago, it was originally as a vocal performance major. Of course, the furthest I ever got through the program was the application, audition, and acceptance process.... then reality and self-consciousness settled in.

I changed majors about four times... I guess the weight of reality didn't get all that heavy 'til later in life, lol... But alas, this cheese-tastic movie hit a chord in me (heheh, chord- get it?).

It was reminiscent of some hopeful ambitions I once had. It made me laugh a lot. The soundtrack was rad. And I watched it with my Love, which makes everything enjoyable :-)

And Anna Kendrick did this cool cup song thingy.
Here she is doing it again on Letterman.

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