Thursday, October 11, 2012

identity in Him.

Your value before God is unconditional and constant. His love for you is based on His own unchanging grace and mercy, therefore it does not diminish.

Jesus was driven to the cross by the love of His father.
The love of His father was His people.

You. Me. Us.

You were wonderfully made, and you are remade daily in Christ as He transforms you into who He's destined you to be.

That is, if you've accepted His promises as Truth.

This is who you are.
This is your value.
You are God's best.

Knowing you are God's best, you now must be who you are...
Ever changing towards His likeness.

How will you know? How can you tell if you've truly accepted this identity?
Your choices; they will reflect that you belong to Him.

Not to yourself. Not the world. Not your job or even your family.
You belong to Him. So do I.

Intentional, Christ-centered choice making.
This is my most current conviction.

Accepting my identity in Him.
And choosing accordingly.

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