Tuesday, April 3, 2012

knowing to dread vs. knowing to pray

This FB status update pretty much sums up Sunday evening at work. 

Three children, completely unwell, each in the midst of their own crisis, fueling one another. 

An earthquake, a tornado, and a flash fire. The perfect storm. I felt it coming. Anyone would've. The week had been rocky; progressively worse as each day past. I succumbed to dread. I waited for disaster. I completely surrendered to it. Why? 

Why would I ever surrender to anything other than my Creator? Why would I dread, when I should turn to my heavenly father with prayers and pleas?

Sometimes I know things because some things are plainly seen. Sometimes I know things because I'm observant. Sometimes I know things because God wants me to.

And every time, every time, every time I know something... I surrender to it. I accept it. I dread it. Or wait excitedly for it, depending on what it is... but what I should really do is surrender to God. Accept his authority.

Pray. Pray. Pray.

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