Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Home for the Holidays '12

December 23, Kimberly and I headed back home to Indiana so we could celebrate Christmas with my parents and her mother this year.  Although I spent about a week with my mom and dad in November '11 and Kimberly made a quick 48 hour stop that previous summer, this was the first time we've made the trek back home together since moving to SoCal three years ago. 

We were greeted by a blanket of fresh snow almost every morning. The peanut-butter fudge flowed freely. Pizza King was but a ten minute drive away. Soda became "pop" again. Going to the movies was just something fun to do instead of a serious financial commitment to make...

We were home again, in Indiana.

Of course, all humor aside, spending time with our long-distanced loved-ones was certainly the highlight of our trip. I'm happy to be back in San Diego; I love it here and this is my home now... but it felt really good to visit with some special people in Indiana, and I wish we could be a bigger part of one another's lives. Catching up with some old friends and family members is like riding a bicycle.

Having such a wonderful time with my parents made me miss them even more than what I did before this trip. Every second with them was a blessing. I'm already looking forward to the next time I can see them!

Happy holidays? You bet!

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