Wednesday, June 27, 2012

faith and falter

He sat across from me and nervously stumbled over his words, dancing around the truth his heart yearned to share. I recognized the dance immediately, like a man standing on the edge, reeling for the rush but fearing for the fall

The pain. The weight. The worry. In a flash, his burdens were revealed to me; an empathic immersion of hearts and minds. I, too, began feeling a heavy weight. Should I relieve him of the struggle to speak and simply say the words for him?

After some time, the truth came from his own lips; the burden was shared and will no longer be carried alone.

But I've been left wondering. What would have come from sharing my revelation?

I have had a similar encounter myself; another heart for God had heard my pain and so she came to me and spoke of what had been revealed to her. Hope rushed through me as she shared, hope and remembrance that God is larger than any burden I will ever carry, burdens that He wanted me to leave at His feet. In that moment I felt the tremendous love of my Heavenly Father, that He would come to me in comfort through one of His servants. It was a pivotal moment in my walk.

In fear, I was not obedient in my conversation with this man, as the woman had been in her conversation with me all those years ago. I failed to leap in faith for the healing of another.

In faith, I often pray to be used, but falter when that very prayer is answered. And therein lay the problem; somewhere between faith and falter.

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