Wednesday, May 16, 2012

two different fish

I needed help finding something.

First, I was... uh... assisted(?) by what appeared to be a junior in high-school. I don't think she knew the difference between a sketch pad and two-ply toilet paper, but her headband matched her smock and her fingernail polish added a nice little pop to the ensemble. She looked up and smiled amidst her text messaging, too. I was impressed by her multitasking skills.

Then there was this old Native American lady. She basically wanted to give me an impromptu seminar on cultural crafts  while standing right in the middle of isle 3B. We talked about the therapeutic value of arts and crafts for about fifteen minutes, directly following her twenty minute demonstration of an intricate braiding technique.

Finding the little metal hoops I needed to repair my wife's necklace only took about forty seconds. Getting to the point of actually looking for them took almost forty minutes.

My point? I don't really have one; just an interesting observation.

One place: Michael's. One purpose: employment.
Two completely different individuals.

Maybe they were both brought together for a reason. Or maybe not.
Either way, they are two different fish swimming in the same bowl.

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