Thursday, May 10, 2012

Decisions and Questions

My group home's nightwatch staff put in her two-week notice today. Therefore the overnight shift will be open for someone to take permanently. 

I'm so conflicted about what to do! Do I move to nights or stay on days!? Ugh... I would have a lot of free time at work for school on an overnight shift, but my interactions with the kids will be very limited. And they are, after all, the reason I am here.

I never see my wife as it already is. In theory this would give us more time together, but realistically it might have the opposite effect. Who knows!?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.
And questions, questions, questions.

Will there be a pay deduction? How many hours a week is the position? What will my sleeping pattern become? Will I ever see my wife again? Sigh...

So many decisions.
And so many questions.

Some questions can be answered through an email or two. I guess that's where I should start. Maybe the answers to those questions will determine my decision. But maybe not...

Gr. Argh.

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