Sunday, May 6, 2012

randomocity 050512

- I'm feeling good. Staying positive. Focused. Content. Creative.
- Work has been full of challenges recently but I'm blessed to have a job and I still love what I do.
- Can't wait to hear James' (aka Pink) message tomorrow. I already know its going to be powerful.
- I miss our good 'ol friend, -V-. I could definitely use a late night of watching random 80's movies!
- I have ideas for upcoming blog posts with a little more substance to them, but just haven't had 
  time to flesh them out. I've even began making arrangements with a guest blogger! Can't wait!
- I need to start gearing back up for school, but my brain doesn't want to. Classes begin Monday!
- Last Sunday was the first time I've ever been able to just sit and take in the message at the 
  Branches without any other task at hand. It was incredible. I think we may be building up 
  enough volunteers to start up a rotation in the media booth! I'm pumped!
- Last week was also the first time I've ever played bass in the worship team. I loved the music, 
  the worship, the Presence, the practice, and being a part of the team!
- Excited to say we have some visitors coming soon! Just a couple more weeks!!!

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