Monday, May 21, 2012

ego boost

I tip-toed down the hall and into the dining room, trying my best to not make a sound in fear that the boy I had just sung to sleep would become coherent enough to realize I had left and call for me to come back, "Natey Pooh!"

She stood from the desk she had been completing the nightly paperwork at. "I have a request," she said. "Uh oh..." I thought. When you hear a coworker say something like that, the mind starts wondering...

"Next week when you sing to the kids, I want you to sing Someone Like You by Adele. It will be my last time ever working with you before I move away to Texas, and I just want to hear you sing it. You remind of her, something about your voice. You're the male version of Adele. You sound just like her, but a man."

Hmm... I like that. A lot. It's nice to get little unexpected compliments from time to time for something other than being a helper, so I decided to document the moment. Maybe then, the next time I'm feeling down about myself, I'll remember it and think, "Hey, I really can do something other than speak calmly while having chairs thrown at my head!"

That and, of course, designing images that look awesome.
I can make some pretty awesome looking things.

Yep, that's my ego :-)

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