Monday, May 21, 2012

a good work week

Antique car show. Lots of free time for homework and church media prep. Helping a kid save Mario and Luigi from power blasts. Guitar playing and singing time. Enjoying the SoCal sun by the garden...
Not a typical weekend at work, but it was certainly a good one! The most challenging kid in our group-home right now went home for the weekend. He came back about 7:30pm tonight and was quite a handful… but it was good while it lasted! 

We were able to redistribute our focus and attention to the other boys who’ve been somewhat neglected recently amidst the chaos, and the benefits of just being able to spend a little more time with them are outstanding. We have four very happy boys!

And I’m feeling so excited and hopeful! A few months ago, our best-behaved resident took a turn for the worst and suddenly became aggressive and volatile; it’s like a switch was flipped in his brain. But over the past couple days, I’m starting the see that sweet boy we used to know reemerge.

Thank You, God, for the amazing weekend!

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