Thursday, May 31, 2012

nameless. but nice.

Today I got to chat with my dad on the phone for about fifteen minutes.

We're both busy. Add conflicting work schedules and a three hour time difference to the mix, and... well, it's just hard to find the right time to make it happen.

But when the stars align and we do somehow manage to work in a call, I always love them.

There's not a lot of profound conversation to be had, but there's something really special about our calls. After we make our "goodbyes" and "love you's," I always hang up feeling a twinge of... something difficult to explain. Sadness? That doesn't seem to quite fit, but it's somewhere along those lines.

Maybe it's the geographical distance between us that our chats bring to consciousness, or the months that have passed since seeing one another last. Maybe it's old sentiments being stirred, or the strong sense I get from our talks that he simply wants me to be well; that he loves me and wants to somehow care for me.

Whatever it is, it triggers something in me. Gratefulness, longing, loving, and so much more I can't accurately put into words; all wrapped up into one unique and nameless emotion.

But nice.

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