Saturday, November 22, 2014


Some of the kids at work call me Chewbacca.
Others call me Thor.

I prefer Nathan, but those will work, too.

I started a new(ish) job about six weeks ago. Its with the same organization I've been with since moving to SoCal, but in a different capacity.

I orginally applied to be a program specialist (basically, a group home therapist) but they told me they wanted someone closer to being licensed (I have a long road to go before that happens).

So they told me they were creating a new position and had me in mind. I excitedly accepted an offer without so much as a job description, thankful to simply find a job so quickly out of grad school. The position itself is still taking shape, but so far I'm basically working as a crisis counselor in a school for troubled children, and as one might imagine, there's always plenty of fires to put out.

I'd like to work in a more clinical environment, practicing more therapeutic skills, but I'm grateful for my job.

And the nicknames are quite entertaining.

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