Friday, October 5, 2012

autumn blues

When you can just barely see your breathe in the cool night air.

Crisp mornings when the grass crunches with frost.

The sweet smell of Autumn leaves swirling with the smoky scent of countryside fires.

Salted peanuts, candy corn, and red-hots, all mixed together and sealed in a jar. Festive and delicious. Try it!

Apple cider. Parched corn. Baked butternut squash filled to the brim with brown sugar and butter.

Trees ignited in brilliant hues of yellow, orange, and red. 
An extra blanket or two on the bed. 

Hoodies and chilly noses. Tingling fingers after a loooong walk.
Cider pressed from apples right out of my parents' backyard.

And that smell... Did I mention that smell?

It's October. And I guess you could say I'm just a smidgen homesick.

*Thanks for posting this beautiful picture, Alyssa!

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