Friday, October 26, 2012

2 step plan

1) Write. Send yourself a text. Email your own account. Blog. Something. Something about pen on paper is special, but so is hitting that send or publish button. Its gone. Its out there. Out of you and somewhere else. Whether you hide it away on paper or send it off to Electronic Land, it clarifies the craziness. Outlines it.

2) After you got all that crazy condensed into words, take 'em to God. I don't say 'pray' for a reason. Sometimes I start to pray and 'start' is as far as I get. Just that step of surrendering to His presence in the mess, turning to Him, its enough. I stand before Him and He offers relief. Just enough for the night. Just enough so I have to come back tomorrow.

If I just surrender to it.

Step 1)
Step 2)
Step 2)
Step 2)

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