Saturday, June 9, 2012


I love the world of psychology; it’s all painted in beautiful shades of gray. But there’s very little room for black and white in this world, and that poses a problem for me.

You see, I believe in right and wrong.
Good and bad.

And, even as fond as I am of gray, I do believe some matters are simply best left black and white.

Universal truths do exist. 

Virtue and morals go beyond the mere pursuit of happiness and avoidance of harming others.
So when I’m sitting in one of my psych classes and something comes up, something that is or should be black and white, I feel torn...

I feel torn because I get it, I really do. Life in shades of gray is cozy.
Everyone is happy and free outside the confines of black and white.
Life without boundaries is easy.

But then I remember that the easy way of life, the wide gate, leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13). We are eternal beings, made for Life in another Kingdom. We're in this world, but not of it. 
Torn between the two.

I love these moments. As uncomfortable as they may be, they break my heart for new-believers. The transition from being world-minded to more Kingdom-minded is difficult. It's a never ending process, but I think its easy to forget just how difficult it is to be torn.

For the sake of new and non believers you come into contact with, for the sake of the Kingdom, remember.

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