Sunday, June 3, 2012

Breathing and Enjoying. Worth it? Yep!

Just finished slides and graphics for Sunday service.
Just in case you didn't catch the time-stamp down below...

Its Sunday.
Past 3:00am.

I also have a somewhat challenging paper due tomorrow evening for my theories class... which I've failed to even start.

That's me.

I'm usually pretty good about getting church stuff squared away by Friday night/early Saturday morning. And school, well, that shizzle costs some serious bank, so I typically make it one of my top priorities.

But this week?
I'm just not feeling it.

At all.

I just want to breathe. Enjoy.
Breathe some more.
Enjoy some more.

And that's exactly what I've done.
And I've love every moment of it.

Of course, I'll pay for it tomorrow when I'm exhausted from little sleep and slaving away over my laptop about the application of Rogerian therapy techniques...

But, breathing and enjoying...
Worth it?


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