Tuesday, April 24, 2012

blessed to be one of '4 others' tagged

FB notified me I was tagged in this post today by this kid

Well, he's not a kid anymore, but he was a kid six years ago when I first met him.

Working in residential treatment, we all say  to 'civilians' that we don't have favorites, because that's the most professional answer.

But we do.  
I do, at least. 

I try to provide the same level of care for all my kids, but sometimes, as in all areas of life, you just connect easier with certain people. David was one of those kids. I've kept in contact with him and a couple others from my days at the Youth Opportunity Center, and they are complete God-sends to me, especially during seasons like this. I'm sort of in a dry spell at work; the sole focus in the milieu right now is safety due to some high-risk kids we currently have, so the warm-fuzzies have been few are far between lately.

So, thank you, David. I needed to read this message this week, and I feel so honored to be one of the '4 others' tagged in it.

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