Sunday, June 16, 2013

MOG 061613

Today was... interesting.
My level of tolerance was low.
Very low.

I basically spent every waking moment fighting the urge to break things and shout profanely for no real good reason. I was highly irritated and in a hostile sort of mood.

And my legs. My freaking restless legs. Super. Super. Super restless. The psychomotor agitation is an effect of withdrawal from Wellbutrin.

But much worse is the extreme moodiness caused by the Lamictal withdrawals. I've been reading different personal accounts of withdrawals online and have stumbled across all sorts of websites and blog posts with lovely little titles like, "Lamictal: Withdrawal Hell," "Lamitical: Giving Up Crack is Easier," and my personal favorite, "Going Off Lamictal? Good luck!"


My head is spinning. I hate me, the world, and 74% of the people in it.

Depression: 6
Anxiety: 7

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