Friday, May 17, 2013

snapshot 051713 0700 PST

Why, yes! Of course I'm wide awake!
This smile is 100% legit!

And no, I'm not just barely holding up my own head by the hair. Nope, not me!

I mean, its only been 36+hrs since I've slept! And thats IF you're NOT counting the two twenty-minute naps I've taken.

That's a sufficient amount of rest, right?
Right? Zzz...

School. Adjusting to two new professors I've never had before and trying to sort out syllabi that practically need decoded. Work. Picking up extra shifts with older boys who are apparently unable to hear the sound of my voice. A visit with my old friend Insomnia (its been a while, so I'm not complaining). A creative buzz in the back of my brain that keeps me awake. Adjusting to a recent decrease in medication (which may explain the sleeplessness). Not seeing my wife. Ever. Or anyone else, for that matter. Preparing for an upcoming message at the Branches (which I'm totally pumped about, btw). Trying to coordinate the 1,000 ducks that must be lined up for practicum and to begin my new on-call job. Car problems. Failed smog tests on both cars. Designing an image for an upcoming sermon series that is RIGHT THERE where my brain meets my fingertips but can't quite push through onto my computer screen (super frustrating). Trying really REALLY hard to make healthy eating choices but am struggling (it always gets tough right around 3am, when my brain goes kapoot after too many hours of reading/writing psychobabble that is fascination yet exhausting at the same time). 

And... well, I'm sure if I keep trying I could come up with a lot of other stuff to whine about, but thats just wasting precious time that I could be using to hold up my own head by the hair :-) That is, for about twenty more minutes until I wake up the munchkins at work to get ready for school. The current 'problem' of the problem children was arrested last night, so this should be a smooth morning! In theory...

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Josh said...

You've got ALOT to do! Reading that made me think of when the evil magician in Frosty the Snowman says "busy, busy, busy." In fact, I think Santa told him to write an apology for melting Frosty, and he had to write it something like a zillion times. I think you're just about the opposite of me, especially since I'm off school right now. I've got LOTS of time on my hands.