Friday, January 25, 2013

Wah fest

My wife. Sigh. It's been over three weeks since I've spent more than one consistent waking hour with her. Life has gotta slow down a little before we forget what each other look like!

School. Ug. The two classes I'm in right now are kicking my butt. I know I've said this before, but I think this might be the semester my beautiful 4.0 goes swirling down the toilet...

Practicum. Shudder. Practicum approaches. One year contract. Three shifts a week. No Pay. All while still working the job that actually does pay me and attending normal on-campus classes.

Life. Ahhh. It's crazy! And its going to get crazier. The good news is, I have until Fall before the practicum sites start scheduling shifts. So I've got a little time. But I can't help but freak.

People? Hello!? Anyone? I'm already pretty isolated. My interactions outside of work, school, and church are not existent. I have pockets of time here and there, but they're pockets that normal people need to fill with other things. Normal, not me, kinda things. 

So I'm a lone ranger. Getting more and more alone. 

Pity poor me. No wife. No friends. So is hard. Wah. (I'm mocking myself, humorously. If you could hear me write now, you'd laugh. I think.)

*I mean, of course I have a wife and friends. I'm blessed with people in my life. I'm just busy and so are they! And BTW, as much as school stresses me out, I love it and its a privilege to be able to extend my education! There. Don't judge me. I've reconciled my illogical ranting. Put away those judgy little eyes.
Yes, you.  Those eyes. They're judgy.

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