Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snapshot: 012913 1300 PST

Whew! It's over! Well... partly. Today I attended a job fair and met all the possible sites for  my soon-to-be indentured servitude known as practicum. You know, just one of those pesky 'work-a-full-time-job-without-pay-while-working-your-real-job-and-still-be-a-student' sort of requirements for an MA... I smiled. I shook hands. I handed out contact info. And now? Now I'm just waiting to hear back  and hopefully start setting up some interviews. After the fair, several students met at PF Changs for some much needed debriefing. I needed to hear other people's anxiety to normalize my own, so I left feeling much better! Of course, the delicious food and encouraging fortune cookie  didn't hurt either. Or the martini. The martini didn't hurt either...

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