Saturday, December 15, 2012

no words

God bless these poor babies. Essentially, that's what they are, just babies. So young. Exposed to such horrific carnage. The governor of Connecticut was quoted saying, "Evil has visited this community." Yes, evil was inarguably present at the Sandy Hook Elementary School as young Adam Lanza mercilessly gunned down twenty children in seemingly safe Newtown, Connecticut. But I don't believe it was a "visit." Evil takes residence. It's everywhere, all the time. It doesn't come and go. It may lie dormant for a time, but it's never gone. I couldn't help but weep tonight as I read about the massacre online. The last few moments of those childrens' lives must have been inexplicable. And the surviving children? What will the future hold for them? How does anyone process experiencing such an awful thing, especially as a young child? As babies? I'm sure, as some time passes, I'll have more thoughts on this. But for now, I have no words. Only prayers.

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Josh said...

That's very well put, what you say here. It's a tragedy. That kind of stuff shouldn't keep happening.