Thursday, August 16, 2012

week one down!

No, I haven't been snacking on brains... but I have been feeling a little bit like a zombie lately...

My first full week of working overnights wasn't all that bad, but I've been more nap-dependent than what I thought I'd be. 

You see, I had it all planned out... I'd leave for work around 10:15pm and return home around 11:30am the next day. I'd be asleep by noon and wake up feeling lily-fresh around 5:30pm!

The plan? Probably not realistic. And that's where the naps come in. Beautiful moments of blissful slumber. Sweet, lovely naps...

The shifts themselves are great. I knock out a majority of my tasks as soon as I clock in, saving just a  bit of 'busy work' to get me up and moving again around 4am when I start getting sleepy. 

And all that time in between? Homework. Lots and lots of homework. And some graphic design stuff for church.

I do have some continual responsibilities even after my main tasks are complete, like room checks and tending to residents waking up from nightmares, etc., but overall, it's the perfect schedule for a student!

Around 5am the kids start waking up. Yeah, you read that right. 5am. 
Kids these days! They just don't appreciate the awesomeness of sleeping-in...

That leaves me with about six hours of time interacting with the kids. Those six hours can be brutal after staying up a whole night without sleep, especially considering most of our boys wake up ready to rumble. But I'm grateful for that time with them. After all, the kids are why I'm there.

So other than adjusting to the new sleeping pattern and feeling a bit like a zombie, I'm loving my new job. It's a good balance of tasks, downtime for homework, and interaction with the kids.

I'm blessed God brought this opportunity to me!

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