Thursday, August 23, 2012

recording Shine

Did a quick little recording of a new(ish) song today with Mr. Canady in Matthew Thompson's home studio (Google him! Great man, great musician. Buy his music!) All songs I've written mean a lot to me, but this particular song seems extra special. It's about deliverance and hope, and is somewhat a testimony of what God has done for me and what He's become in my life. "You're light is brighter than the dark is deep! You're might is greater than my heart is weak!" Some of the lyrics are incorporated into my blog's banner up top, and the concept of this song inspired this entire blog design. (That is, now, of course. I'm sure I'll change themes and banners many more times over the years and stumble across this post and think, "what was I even talking about?") I didn't exactly leave the studio feeling like Adam Lavigne, but I didn't leave carrying a soul-crushing disapointment with me either. It was a great time, and I was pleased with the final product! It felt good. God Shined.

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Josh said...

That's cool. Are you going to make an album? I'll do just that, googling Matthew Thompson. I think I'd like to do a new design for my blog. Like you, I've gone through several already.