Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Its been a while...

Oh, sweet blog! Its been a while! Alas, life is busy. Let me throw some things out there real quick! Then its zzz's for me!

- Mom left Sunday morning. It was great having her around. Miss her already!
- Work is... crazy? I was just about ready to mentally check-out a little, then BAM! I received some great encouragement. Everyday is a challenge! Can't complain about it being boring.
- I just finished my first research paper for grad school. It was just a baby paper. Five pages. But its the first one I've written in a LONG time. Took me a while to get it done, but I'm feeling good about it!
- On Sunday I got to hear that cute baby Jude say 'duck' and 'roar.' Yeah. It was epic.
- I have one day off a week with my wife. It happens to be the same day as men's Bible study, so I don't go. However, my wife spent her day off this week getting some much deserved R&R with her chicas,  so I made it to the Irish pub to hang out with some good men and read about the Spirit coming down on the gentiles. And I had a martini. Good times.
- Draw Something? Its amazing! Words With Friends? So old school! Ah, the time-wasting-joys of apps.
- Guess who has a fully operating car trunk now... This guy! Oh, yeah! After months of no trunk, I feel whole again! And, I even fixed it myself!!!

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