Saturday, May 13, 2017

This Lady: The First Lady

My name is Nathan. I am a feminist.

There. I said it.

But feminism may not be what you think it is. It's not about man-bashing to make women stronger; it's about acknowledging and appreciating the strength women already have. Or, at least, thats what I read on a really cool meme once... Either way, God has enriched my life with some incredible women. Their immeasurable and often unacknowledged influence has shaped who I am and aspire to be.

In honor and appreciation of these women, and of all women who breathe life into those around them, I'm writing a series of posts called "This Lady." I hope to inspire a few moments of mindful gratitude to whomever stumbles across my virtual chicken scratches.

It only seems fitting to start this series with the lady who birthed these ridiculous shoulders - the lady that taught me how walk and talk, the lady that loved me when I wasn't much more than a lumpy blob that pooped and cried a lot.

The first lady. My mother.

Compassion is her greatest strength. Often to her expense, she loves and gives without condition. She's too humble to know it, but she's the kind of role model I want to be for the kids I work with. Her faith inspires me, and her quiet wisdom continues to serve as a guide. She embodies much of how scripture depicts living and loving like Jesus; bold in mercy and grace. In her strength, she has helped me find my own.

This lady - the first lady - is more of a blessing than she'll ever know.

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