Monday, April 7, 2014


Writing prompt: write about your favorite piece(s) of clothing.

I couldn't decide between the two shirts I wore today...

First off, this button-up is all shades of awesome. Actually, its all shades of green, which equates awesomeness in my book. My mom bought it for me at the mall before I moved to CA, so I've probably had it for four and a half years now. She met me for my lunch break at work and I ended up taking the rest of the day off to shop with her. Along with the shirt, my mom also bought me a bottle of cologne that I still have. Every time I smell the cologne or see that clear bottle with green branches on it, I miss her and think about hopping in the car and heading her way for a visit, then realize she's over two thousand miles away... but back to the shirt...

A couple years ago it got torn at work while doing a nasty restraint with a rather challenging booger. My dear friend Connie, who I refer to as my Cali mom, repaired it for me which contributed to it's sentiments.

My other favorite piece of clothing is my Thundercats t-shirt. My wife, Kimberly, got it for me for Christmas one year a while back. Considering my semi-obsession with these childhood heros, it really was a very thoughtful gift, showing how well she knows me and her willingness to entertain my juvenile quarks. As the years have passed, the shirt has become tattered and the logo has faded away, making me love it even more.

If fashion makes a statement, I guess my statement is one of nostalgia. How about you? Any clothing items with some special memories attached?

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Josh Ralls said...

I have a Stevie Ray Vaughan shirt I got as a graduation present in 2001. I've also got a Thundercats shirt like yours. I've actually had two of it. The logo started peeling on the first one. I think it's dyed into the second one, or something like that. So hopefully it'll stay on there.