Tuesday, September 10, 2013

a good chance

I started practicum today. 

It's a hospital divergence and step-down program, meaning clients come to us as an alternative to hospitalization or because they're being discharged from a hospital but aren't ready to be mainstreamed yet. All clients are duel-diagnosed, battling dangerous addictions along with severe mental illnesses. A majority of them are homeless or in desperate need of long-term care such as assisted living facilities or rehabilitation centers. 

The site houses twelve clients on a short-term basis. During their 7 to 12 day stay, the clients are stabilizing on any new psychotropic medications they may have been recently prescribed by the facility's medical team. Many are experiencing withdrawal symptoms and learning to manage their mental health issues without the aid of illegal substances.

The clients are provided with individual therapy at least twice a day and group therapy at least once a day. They also receive case management support to identify resources for further care and living support after discharge.

There is so much for me to learn and loads of responsibility to assume.
And there's a good chance I'm going to love it.

Feeling overwhelmed. Excited. Grateful.

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