Tuesday, April 9, 2013

end it

Slavery exists, not as a thing of the past, but as blot on the face of humanity. 27 million sons and daughter, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, live as cattle; a resource to be used selfishly and nothing more. 

All at the cost of $90 or less. 
That's the going rate for a human being these days. 

And it's not just a third world crisis either; 17,500 people fall into slavery here in a country that abolished the very industry back in 1865. 

Creating awareness is the first step, but awareness alone saves no one. The video below is beautifully done, but I do disagree with one statement it makes, "Indifference is not an option." It shouldn't be, but it is an option, and its an option many choose. 

I  have no clue what the solution is to end slavery, or even how to rescue just one person, but I have worked with children who have somehow made it out. I've looked into the eyes of a boy who grew up being prostituted to support his uncle's drug addiction. I've comforted a young man who was sent away by his own mother to be a sex slave for monthly compensation, essentially renting her son out. I've worked with a child who was once kept in a crate when he wasn't being exploited by his abusers. 

And these stories, these pools of pain, cannot compare to the insurmountable despair felt all across the world. It's overwhelming to consider. 

Watch the video. Put a red X on your hand if you'd like. Raise awareness. Most importantly, consider  how God might use you, your skills, and your resources to END IT. At least for one person. Visit this site HERE and click on the link "action" to see how you can help!

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