Sunday, March 24, 2013

ABC's: familiar oddity

Create a story 26 sentences long and begin each sentence with the next letter of the alphabet.

Another day begins. Before I even open my eyes, I know today will be no different than yesterday. Couldn't I just go back to sleep? Daylight dances on the wall through the blinds. Even its beauty seems mundane.

Finally, something unexpected happens.

Growing brighter, the light suddenly overwhelms the room. Held in it's warmth, I'm unable to move. I can't see beyond the brightness. Joy fills me, and I'm at peace. Kinetic energy rushes all around me. Light begins to fade and the whiteness dissipates to reveal my surroundings.

My bedroom has been washed away. Nothing I know remains.

Onyx walls tower over me, the deepest black imaginable. Perched atop a silver stand, an unknown creature of dazzling white serenades me. Quietly singing, her song sounds oddly familiar.

Reality begins to sink in. Somehow, I am no longer home.

To my left, an opened archway exposes the beauty beyond the luminous yet ebony edifice I stand in. Under an expanse of the bluest skies lay a garden of emerald green. Vibrant and exotic, flowers with blooms bigger than I've ever seen stand tall and proud. Wandering through the archway and into the garden, I hear an unearthly voice call me by name. Xenodochial and warm, an indescribable face welcomes me, "We're so happy you've returned," he says.

Yes, I cannot understand it, but I've been here before. Zaribas adorned in thorns and rose buds enclose us in the garden, protected from the treachery of the outer world I somehow know I must set free.

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