Sunday, July 1, 2012

to love the predatory

Its not just the cruel.
Its the opportunistically cruel.

The predatory.

It sickens me to see. It turns my stomach knowing people are maliciously preyed upon with no sign of justice.

I almost spit in one of these predators' food today. The thought of doing  such a thing disgusts me and I'd never even been tempted like that before, but today.... today.... I was so close.

I didn't. I didn't spit. But the temptation was strong. The vileness in them brought out the vileness in me. I let that happen....

Its time to rely on God. Its always time to rely to God. But right now... right now I need to rely on God to teach me to love to the unlovely, to love in a way mankind is incapable of loving...

To love the predatory.
Not to just say I love them.

To fix their meals.
To keep them safe.
To treat them kindly.

In Jesus name, Amen!

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